Cheat-Parts Swiss Racing Performance Oil

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More Details

Cheat-Parts Racing Low Viscosity Bearing Oil, is a 100% premium synthetic oil with ultra-low viscosity for low rolling resistance. It comes in a 10ml (.34 fl oz) bottle with needle tip for acurate application. 


  •     100% Premium Synthetic Oil
  •     100% Swiss Made
  •     Leakproof Bottle
  •     Childproof Cap
  •     Low viscosity for the best bearing protection and low rollin resistance      
  •     Great vibration suppression increases smooth bearing performance      
  •     Best suited for one-way-differentials-bearings and frequently maintained bearings, that require the lowest rolling resistance and maximum            protection from dusty environment.
  •     Silicone-, PTFE-, and acid-free
  •     Usable from -40°C up to more than+170°C    
  •     suitable in hot zones with nitro engines!

NOTE: For best results, remove original bearing grease from your bearings, before applying Cheat Parts Racing Low Viscosity bearing oil. Use 2 to 3 drops per bearing for a cleaned bearing. 

«only to use for children over 14 years»

Health hazards & reaction

  • H304 (Asp. Tox. 1.) Aspiration hazard
  • H 319 (Eye Irrit) Severe eye  irritation
  • R36 (Xi  Methacrylate copolymer) Irritates eyes.